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‘We wanted to live in a happier and safer neighbourhood. So did our neighbours. This is why we built Neighbourly.’

About Us: Connecting Communities, Fostering Friendships

Welcome to Neighbourly, your digital hub for building vibrant and connected communities. At Neighbourly, we believe in the power of community, and our platform is designed to bring neighbours closer, fostering a sense of belonging and collaboration. With a foundation built on trust, inclusivity, and innovation, Neighbourly is not just a social network—it's a lifeline for communities to thrive.

Our Vision:

At Neighbourly, we envision a world where every neighbourhood is a close-knit community, where people support each other, share experiences, and create lasting connections. Our platform is designed to be the digital heartbeat of your community, facilitating seamless communication, collaboration, and empowerment.

Empowering Communities Through Technology:

In an era where technology has the potential to isolate, we use it to unite. Neighbourly harnesses the power of digital connectivity to strengthen the bonds within neighbourhoods. Whether you're a resident, a local business, or a community organisation, our platform provides the tools you need to thrive and contribute to the collective well-being of your community.

Key Features that Define Neighbourly:

  • Verified and Secure Environment:
    • Neighbourly is a safe space. All members, be it individuals, businesses, or organisations, undergo a rigorous verification process to ensure the authenticity and security of our platform.
  • Tailored Membership Plans:
    • We understand the diverse needs of our users. That's why we offer membership plans catering to residents, businesses, and community organizations, ensuring everyone can find their place on Neighbourly.
  • Neighbourhood-Specific Interaction:
    • Connect with neighbours in your specific area or broader districts. Share updates, organize events, and build a sense of community unique to your location.
  • Marketplace for Local Exchange:
    • Our marketplace is a virtual town square where neighbours can buy and sell second-hand goods, cars, homes, and more. Supporting local businesses and fostering a sustainable circular economy is at the core of what we do.
  • Business Pages and Advertising:
    • Local businesses can create a digital presence through dedicated business pages and targeted advertising, bringing them closer to the community they serve.
  • Real-Time Safety Alerts:
    • Stay informed about your neighbourhood's safety with our real-time crime and incident alerts. Neighbourly keeps you in the loop, empowering you to prioritise safety.
  • Community Initiatives and Support:
    • Governments, NGOs, and neighbourhood watches can utilise Neighbourly to broadcast information, share educational materials, and organise community initiatives. Neighbourly is not just a platform; it's a partner in community development.
  • Pet Alerts and Assistance Channels:
    • Never lose a pet again with our missing pets alert channel. Additionally, our Neighbourly Assist feature allows neighbours to offer or request help, creating a network of support within the community.
  • Diverse Content Creation:
    • Express yourself through stories, videos, music, polls, and more. Neighbourly is not just about information—it's a space for creativity, sharing, and celebrating the unique tapestry of your community.
  • Forums, Blogs, and Town Hall Discussions:
    • Engage in meaningful conversations through forums and blogs. Join Town Hall discussions to voice concerns, propose ideas, and contribute to the governance of your community.
  • Petitions and Crowdfunding:
    • Empower local causes through our platform. Start petitions, raise funds, and make a positive impact on your community.
  • Restaurant Hub and Local Coupons:
    • Discover local dining options through our restaurant hub. Businesses can create their listings, and members can enjoy exclusive local coupons and discounts.

Our Commitment to Privacy and Inclusivity:

Neighbourly is not just a platform; it's a community where diversity is celebrated, and privacy is respected. We are committed to creating a space where all individuals, regardless of background, feel welcome and heard. Your data is treated with the utmost care, and our commitment to privacy is unwavering.

The Neighbourly Promise:

As the founders of Neighbourly, we are not just creators; we are active participants in the communities we serve. We understand the significance of building trust and the responsibility that comes with it. Our promise is to continuously evolve and innovate, ensuring that Neighbourly remains a dynamic platform that meets the evolving needs of your community.

Join Us in Building Better Communities:

Neighbourly is more than a platform; it's a movement to strengthen the fabric of neighbourhoods around the world. Join us on this exciting journey of connection, collaboration, and community building. Together, let's make every neighbourhood a place where everyone feels a sense of belonging.

Welcome to Neighbourly—where communities come to life!