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  • Jul 17 2024

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    The City of Cape Town wants to remind the public to comment on the proposal to redevelop and upgrade the weirs at Zeekoevlei and Rondevlei in the False Bay Nature Reserve. The proposed redevelopment is to supplement other medium-term interventions, amongst which the dredging of Zeekoevlei, to improv...

  • Jul 17 2024

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    The City’s Human Settlements Directorate has already issued more than 10 000 flood kits and continues to issue even more to reduce the impact of flooding caused by the unprecedented levels of rain experienced across the metro since last week. These kits are distributed across the metro but especiall...

  • Jul 17 2024

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    The City’s Electricity teams are working around the clock, attending to a large number of electricity outages due to weather damage across the metro. Approximately 2 500 electricity fault requests were logged on Monday, 15 July 2024 alone. All emergency repairs as well as prolonged and large area ou...

  • Jul 16 2024

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    The City of Cape Town’s Urban Mobility Directorate would like to inform the public about roadworks in various areas in Atlantis. The resurfacing of roads in the Protea Park; Saxonsea and Beacon Hill area has commenced this week and is to be concluded on 26 July 2024, weather permitting. The work is ...

  • Jul 16 2024

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    Recently Cape Town has been hard hit by unprecedented heavy rain. This led to Cape Town’s dam levels increasing by 20% in a week and currently stands at 95,2%. Last year this time, dam levels were at 99%. Regardless of the status of our dams, the City is continuing on its mission to build a water-se...

  • Jul 16 2024

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    Article 6: Promoting Cultural Exchange Article Series: Connecting with Your Neighbours Introduction A neighbourhood rich in cultural diversity offers unique opportunities for learning and growth. By embracing and promoting cultural exchange, residents can foster understanding, respect, and unity wit...

  • Jul 10 2024

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    The City of Cape Town’s Urban Waste Management Directorate is unfortunately experiencing widespread waste collection delays due to the impact of the recent rains. Read more below: Flooding is hindering the movement and operation of waste compactors and collection teams throughout the city. Intense r...

  • Jul 10 2024

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    The City’s Electricity teams remain on the ground to attend to electricity service requests, mostly related to storm damage. As the weather is expected to worsen, the City advises residents that the predicted heavy rain showers and winds may lead to damaged electricity infrastructure, high call volu...

  • Jul 10 2024

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    Neighbourly is excited to partner with the Stellenbosch Wine Tractor to offer an extraordinary adventure through the heart of South Africa's wine country. This month, one lucky neighbour will win tickets to this one-of-a-kind experience, so don't miss out on your chance to join the fun! Discover the...

  • Jul 03 2024

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    Article 5: Enhancing Mental Well-Being Article Series: Connecting with Your Neighbours Introduction Mental well-being is an essential aspect of overall health. In today's fast-paced world, fostering connections with our neighbours can significantly improve our mental health. A supportive and engagin...

  • Jul 01 2024

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    The City’s Traffic Service, Law Enforcement and Metro Police officers arrested 218 suspects this past week and issued 56 903 fines for various transgressions. The Public Emergency Communication Centre(PECC) recorded 1 761 calls for assistance during the weekend, which included 175 physical assault c...

  • Jun 30 2024

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    Residents are urged to be on alert and aware of a scam doing the rounds, where money is solicited from City customers to avoid supposed water restrictions/disconnections due to non-payment. The City’s Water and Sanitation Directorate warns that this is a scam. Residents are advised to report all sus...